Architectural Photography: Roofing and Roof Lines

roofing-architecture-fountain There is perhaps no greater way to hone your photography skills and by literally raising your standards (pardon the pun) and looking into roofing and roof line photography.

For as long as there have been buildings on this earth there has in the need to protect those buildings by covering them off with the roof.

italian-rooftopWhether we’re talking about the great churches of Paris or the stunning Italian architecture of ancient Rome or even smaller, local residential roofing on the west coast of Canada in the capital city of Victoria British Colombia there has always been and there will continue to be a need for roofing.

The beauty of this and what it means to you as a photographer is that there is simply no shortage of beautiful architectural buildings and roof lines for you to photograph. The following are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your photo shoot and maximize presenting the beauty of these buildings and their roofs.


roof-churchOne of the most challenging things to do when photographing a roof is to acquire the right elevation so that you can taking the full beauty that the roofer had in mind or the general contractor was thinking of when they designed the building. As is the case with roofs they are often very very tall and so if you plan on capturing the beauty of the trusses you’re going to need to find a way to get as high as possible so you can either be on the plane or above the roof and shooting down at it. Good examples of roofing structures in Victoria BC can be found here.

Camera Selection

Another tip which will help you fully capture the beauty and the original construction team had in mind when he created these structures is to make sure to choose the right camera and lens combination. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for an up close and personal shots of the underside of the roof or if you’re looking for a large widescreen panoramic shot proper camera and lens selection will be crucial to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of light into the camera to conflict capture the beauty. Good examples of roofing photography found in Nanaimo BC can be found if you click here.

Like most areas of photography architectural photography can be learned and practice over time the key is to start with finding beautiful roofing subjects and then work on honing your skills from there.

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